idance® Vision

Our Vision

idance is a quality service and education organisation jointly run by professional and dedicated paid staff, and groups of volunteers. All of our staff, regardless of compensation, keep the internal practice ‘I will achieve excellence every single day’. Our practice is to transform lives through dance. Most of our professional staff started as idance volunteers.

We create energetically staffed well-run events and schools. We educate people internally and externally to (or “intending to”) create career opportunities in a range of dance and performing arts-related fields. We create quality products that serve a variety of active, conscious and healthy lifestyles.

We have an internationally recognised quality control system that covers each facet of our operation, all aimed at delivering excellent products and services at each of our events, branches and educational facilities and throughout all our internal and external products.

All of our staff recognise the importance of time off and personal development. We use a variety of means including spiritual (not necessarily religious) practices including meditation to grow.

Our products and services will be easy to use, high quality, and always try include an ‘affordable’ option or a mechanism to assist anyone needing financial assistance.

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