And finally, that moment arrived…

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Hi, Guys! ?And finally, that moment arrived…Time has come for REGISTRATION!!!?
Click the link in our bio ( ) REGISTER and BOOK your tickets as soon as possible. (Right now – Black Friday- save up to 35%)
So DO IT NOW !!!?
Competition categories:
▪CREWS (Juniors (7-12 y.o.) , Varsity (13-17 y.o.), Adults (18+), MegaCrew (15-40 dancers of any age) – QUALIFY FOR WORLDS;
PLUS: TEAMS (Beginners, Intermediate, unFORMAT), Parents crews, Future Champs
( Teams do NOT qualify for Worlds) ▪1×1 (Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, Waacking*, Bboys*)
▪2×2 All styles
▪3×3 TRASH! Battles
▪5×5 Crew battles

Popping Locking and Allstyles are world qualifiers. ‼If you have any questions you could write us on instagram direct or by e-mail:‼

See you soon ?