Look Who’s Dancing for Christina Aguilera!

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More idance® Success!

Just a quick post to recognise two more high achievers!

Props to former idance® Scholarship student and Culture Shock Dancer Darron Gifty (Darron A-O) and former idance/Culture Shock UK Dancer Kieran Daley-Ward, for their recent massive success dancing with Christina Aguilera at the Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Wales… It is such a blessing to see them doing so well, Darron in particular.

I can well remember Darron as a tall spindly teenager who along with Kieran ‘technically’ was too young for the troupe. But these two young men had sparkle and so we let them in. Darron and Kieran were also MOST gentlemen-ly of all my dancers and were a pleasure to work with. I am super proud of them both.

In both cases through their hard work and determination, Darron and Kieran have transformed themselves into professional dancers.

As they are just at the beginning of their careers I am sure we will see more of them in the future.