Wicked and LAZY

I was just thinking about how I could tell the story a little better, I mean, who has the time to read a ton of text and who can tell if it’s even true. So I decided to let Parris Goebel tell you.

Warning: If you are not interested in being inspired or challenging yourself to do your best please do not click this link or watch the video below.


  • Do not listen to what she says at 1:34 about just a group of friends getting together
  • or 1:53 when she talks about what it took to bring 25 dancers from New Zealand to America.
  • please don’t watch 2:44 when she got the call from ‘you know who’ (Bieber’s people)

Anyway… sorry. Please don’t click. Ok?

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 20.48.06


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