Possibly the one person that totally changed my life?

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I want to tell you a story about a guy I met who changed and is still changing my life…

About four years ago I was looking for a change. I had a lot going on and I was struggling because a lot of the pieces weren't fitting together. I had heard about a guy who's book was going up the New York Times Best Seller list and I decided to read it.

I was floored. It focussed on all the things that I felt, deep inside, were truly important AND if I KNEW that had read the book before I started with my first class, my first event, and now, my first new meditation students, I probably would have saved myself a ton of grief.

You see, being a dancer is not easy.

When I decided to become a dancer it was on the heels of a serious low point. I was actually a singer and I was in a group that was hired to do a major convention, opening for a comedian who is a household name in just about every country in the world.

There was no time for our band to be set up and taken down so the decision was made that we would all beef up the dance… I had NEVER taken a dance lesson. I practised for months and just couldn't do the timestep (tap-dance).

It was humiliating. I decided after that event that I would never LET that happen again. So I started taking lessons.

And that's when the real humiliation started.

No one on the wrestling team could believe that I was taking ballet, and no one in ballet could believe that I should stay… it was tough.

And the BUSINESS of dance can be even tougher.

Even though my dream was to find a way to give back to a world that I loved.. even though I graduated with a degree in International Business, even though I had managed several businesses before, I struggled to find a consistent way of reaching people. I was never sure that what I was doing was what people really wanted.

Even more, I found it hard to stay true to my vision of transforming lives through dance.

And I've had some very painful, public failures…

including a humbling moment when where we almost couldn't finish the event.. in fact we finished exactly 1 minute before the venue manager said he was pulling the plug. There was the hugely successful Thorpe Park event… that nearly destroyed everything I was working toward… Frankly, what I've been doing is slowly overhauling every aspect of what we do, at idance®.

Last summer, I had an opportunity to sign up for a training course with this guy and it really opened my eyes.

I want you all, regardless of your age current status to take advantage of an amazing opportunity to grow, Like me. To keep getting better. To keep developing.

And a lot of my growth is coming from my new mentor.

The process has come from the knowledge I gained in one place… from one guy. And his name is Ryan Levesque.

And Guess what…

He just released a brand new book…

What does this have to do with dance? Well… It has more to do with our mission…Transforming Lives Through Dance. Rather than keeping it to myself, I want you to learn what I am benefiting from, NOW. Not after you've invested years of your life.

I know that MOST dancers don't see themselves as business people, per se. But we all are. We are in the business of selling our talent.

Whether you are a dance school owner, teacher, choreographer, or dancer; just starting out or already in business but don't know how to transition or grow, or thinking about how you can move forward, I think you will get a lot from this book…

In fact, I KNOW you will.

I'm here in Austin Texas now learning more from my new mentor and he was happy to share a copy of his new book with me…

Here's a photo of us together.

When I started idance® it was because I had the dream of giving back to the dance community. If it wasn't for the generosity of others seeing in me what I couldn't believe was there, I would never have started. So I've got to tell you…

If you’ve ever had the crazy dream to start your own business,

• If you’ve ever dreamed of doing your own thing,

• If you’ve ever failed or lost it all on something …in a quest to shake the status quo,

• If you have something right now that is changing the world …but you don’t know where to take it next.

• Or if you’re simply trying to figure out what you want to do…
or who you want to be when you grow up…
then this book is for you.

And the crazy thing is Ryan's giving it away for free.

That's right the book is FREE. All you have to do is cover a small Shipping & Handling fee…

Because I'm a student of Ryan's he's letting me hook you up with the book AND over $200 of free bonuses as well.

Just click this link and get a free copy today, before they run out.

Be well, 

Omar Paloma

P.S. If you know anyone else in your life who’s ever thought about starting a business, please feel free to share this with them—it might be just what someone needs to hear today.

Just click this link.