The UK goes 5 for 5 advancing to the Semis of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship

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In what is, unquestionably our best weekend EVER the UK has 5 out of 5 crews advancing from the preliminaries to the semi-final round of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

Dance crews GDND, Kidsquad, Rej3cts, IMD Legacy, and IMD Legion, 48 dancers in total, have successfully competed in round one of the Championship in Arizona.

Kidsquad competed against 50 other Junior crews to earn their way to the World Semi Final.
GDND and Rej3cts faced 63 other crews.
IMD Legion had to challenge 57 MegaCrews in what is now being seeing as the toughest Megacrew division ever.
and IMD Legacy had to standout against 54 other crews.

I am so proud of the UK crews and invite all of the UK to watch the Semi-Finals streamed live August 8 starting at 9am MST (18:00 MSK).