7 Tips to get the best out of ANY class with little or no extra effort

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You make your habits, then your habits make you.

Whatever your goal, just starting, professional dancer, the stage, the club, or the commercial dance world, you’ll want to maximise every moment in class. 

Scientists now know that what we do is as much or more a matter of the habits we have than the effort we put in.

Try this experiment: quickly fold your arms. Easy, right? Now fold them the other way. e.g. if the right arm was on top, this time put the left on top. 

Most people will discover a moment of confusion or even discomfort, however, there is NOTHING physiological that requires the right or left arm to be on top. It just ‘habit’. Same as how you tie your shoes, or even which leg you put on the ground when you stop your bicycle at a light.

While chance always has a role successful dancers have, in most cases, simply developed habits that help them be successful, whereas unsuccessful dancers have a number of bad habits they have allowed to go unchecked.

These time-tested habits will help you grow and benefit from every lesson, with little or now extra effort. Choose one or two to start. Experiment with them for a month and come back and let me know the results.

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