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ai and chatGPT resources

Stop wasting valuable time and energy while to planning, growing, and protecting your dance business.

This list is regularly updated with the latest and greatest tools, tips, and tricks to help streamline your operations, boost your marketing efforts, and safeguard your business from any unforeseen challenges.

Educational Resources

The Ai Author – The BEST ai community for learning about the cutting edge in ai marketing and content creation. This community is chock full of tutorials, videos and discussion on how to use ai in marketing and authoring.

Youtube and Video Resources

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ai products and services

chatGPT. – The granddaddy of them all. This is the basic tool that most people will use. –  Frankly, chatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg. Jasper is my tool of choice for creating marketing materials. Use my link and get a 7-day free trial. And believe me… You could get a years worth of work done in those 7 days.

  • Email Campaigns
  • Letters
  • Landing Page Copy
  • AdCopy
  • Blog Posts
  • Video Scripts
  • Sales copy
  • Facebook and Google Ads copy
  • ebooks

The list is ridiculously long. An now they have some cool new super tools

automation products

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