December 1, 2015 @ 19:00 – December 2, 2015 @ 16:00 Europe/London Timezone
Pop Brixton

HIYPE PRODUCTIONS presents its 5th run in 4yrs of its thought provoking play called The Forty Elephants.

If you have a daughter you should see it. If you have a son, you should see itIf you have a sister, you should see it. If you care about young people you should see it.

If you watch programmes like the real housewives of atlanta or Cheshire or Beverly hills these women are grown up versions of The Forty Elephants just hidden behind money. It does not make their behaviour or issues any less irrelevant.

What happens when you get a bunch of young women who are fighting to survive in a man’s world, struggling with everyday emotions and trying to keep face while on road?”

Janelle, Holly, Mica, Sabrina, Dionne, Amber, Bloggs and Ruby are all part of a crew called ‘The Forty Elephants’. Janelle and Holly have been friends since primary school, both very self assured young women but despite the years of their friendship, jealousy often lurks beneath the surface as they fight for more status and power on the road which leads to some very serious consequences. The story is narrated through the eyes of one of the members ‘Bloggs’ following the journey of the Janelle

”It’s not just young boys going wild on ‘road’, the girls are going on like the ‘man dem’ tryna ‘woman up’ to claim status and rep”

The Forty Elephants explores the complex relationships between these young women in inner city South London plagued with insecurities and lost dreams causing them to act out and turn on each other, losing the foundation for why The Forty Elephants began. A group of girls coming of age, from a variety of cultures and backgrounds all come together to be each other’s rock until that rock is kicked away

The Forty Elephants name comes from the real British all female gang that ran from 1800’s to the 1950s and paraded the streets of London with their violence, called either ‘The Forty Elephants’ or ‘The Forty Thieves‘. They were part of a larger male gang called ‘The Elephant and Castle Gang’. These were women based in Elephant and Castle and in their 19th Century attire, robbed people and shoplifted for nearly a century.

This shows that anti-social behaviour in young women isn’t a new phenomenon and that in fact, it is only getting worse. This play represents the modern day Forty Elephants and what with London’s melting pot of cultures, it would look like today.


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