Five Bullet Friday Jan 8, 2016

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Hey everyone, taking a page our of Tim Ferris’ excellent blog (author of the Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body and Four Hour Chef), I I’ve decided to start my own 5 bullet friday list.

Five Bullet Friday is just stuff from my life that is helping me maintain remain successful and reach new heights. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Books that I am reading

In this case it’s a book I am re-reading for the 3rd time.

Did you know that if you took a domino just 2 inches tall you could knock down a building the height of the Eiffel Tower?

In 1983 Lorne Whitehead wrote, in the American Journal of Physics, that a domino could not only knock down other dominos the same size but tha a domino could be used to know down a domino 50% larger than itself. In 2009 a world record was set proving the concept.

The 1 Thing by Gary Keller uses this domino effect as a metaphor for life. It is a version of the domino effect. Can you find the one task to start with that will set up a domino effect to improve your life?

This is an old favorite of mine and I strongly encourage everyone to read it.

Most of the time, I am a one man operation. As many of you know 2015 was a very successful year for me, personally, and for idance® and Hip Hop International UK

This book I credit with helping me achieve more and more each and every year.

What I am watching

I don’t have a lot of down-time but I do have one guilty pleasure. MasterChef. I don’t own a TV (Really. I don’t. I haven’t had one in more than 2 years) so I love to catch MasterChef USA on the internet. I love to watch how beautifully suspenseful the show is. I love to be inspired to cook. I love watching people conquer obstacles and surprise themselves with what they can achieve. I’m on MasterChef USA Season 6

Purchase I am excited about

Japanese Butcher Knife –
I really like to cook. I love chef’s knives but sometimes you want something that is a little more “All Purpose”, especially if you are on a budget I bought one of those Japanese Santoku knives. OMG! To be fair, it’s not meant to be a completely all purpose but I use it that way anyhow.

It’s Sharp Blade and heavy/balanced weight make it great for cutting hard veggies and soft to medium meats including chopping through poultry. Awesome!

Ah Ha! or Tip of the week

This one is an absolute winner for anyone. It’s not an A-HA but it is important. If you are a choreographer you will supercharge your work if you first UNDERSTAND MOVEMENT (Dame Gillian Lynne’s #1). Yes you can start dancing straight away and even choreographing your pieces to the music but you will discover a whole new depth to your work if you understand Movement, how it impacts you and how it will impact your audiences. So get into the studio and start focusing on your technique. Understand it, and you will be better, automagically!

My most popular post this week.

My most popular posts can be articles on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… anywhere.

This week it’s my facebook post: 35% Scotland Flash Sale 01-1