Prove You Are Buck Vol 3 – Results

From Crooked District Events:   WINNERS OF PROVE YOU ARE BUCK VOL 3 1VS1 – HEAVY AKA SOULJA WRECKER 2VS2 – CYBORG & WOLF I want to give a special mention to the final of the 1VS1. Cyborg had danced round after round with no break (Due to competing in...

Nation’s Best Dance School

 NATION’S BEST DANCE SCHOOL AWARD We are very excited to announce the first winners of the Nation’s Best Dance School Award on our results page. The Nation’s Best Dance School Award for Street Dance is granted to the most active, talented, successful...
What I have learned

What I have learned

I love street dance, but for years I studied classical ballet. For years I trained 20-25 hours per week…. Technique, repertoire, physiology, musicality, staging, stretching, partnering, rehearsal… but mostly just hard core technique. One of my first...

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