Fly Meg, FLY! Profile: Margherita Vasselli Choreographer, Judge, Dancer

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We are so excited to bring an interview with the indefatigable Choreographer/Inspiration known as Margherita “Meg” Vasselli.

FlyMegBanner01After 26 Countries, Several TV Shows, and journey through several dance styles, there is little that Meg doesn’t know about how to succeed in dance. To date, she remains one of our favourite judges and one of Hip Hop International’s longest continuously standing Elite Judges.

Find out why in our Profile series brought to you by MindLife, healthy in Body, Healthy in Mind, Healthy in Life.

How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been dancing since before I could walk! I used to dance with the sound of everything around me. When I was 4 I took my first ballet class and I started living. Ballet, modern jazz, tip tap and then my love: Hip Hop.

How many dancers/organizations do you work with?

In 16 years working as a teacher, choreographer and international judge, I have visited 26 countries. I have worked with dancers from different cultures, people apparently different from each other but when you turn on the music, you can see their transformation into a collective soul, united by their passion. I have learned a lot from each of them, I’m blessed. I’m proud to be part of the biggest Hip Hop Dance organization as elite judge, Hip Hop International. In 14 years I have judged thousands crew from every country of the world.

Do you run any crews of your own?

In my career, I have choreographed many crew in Italy and abroad, tv shows and theater shows. All different jobs but united by the great love and inspiration that I have.

Are styles other than street dance do you teach?

I have studied several styles, and in my choreographies you can find items from my background. When people ask me what style I teach, I say, my style! The style comes from inspiration that the music gives you in a particular time of your life, I mean, I can create two completely different choreographies on the same song if I create them in two different periods.

What inspires you?

Emotions and music inspires me. If I listen to a song that inspires me, I project it over my emotions. You can see my feelings through my dance

Who would you say are your heroes in or out of dance?

My heroes are all those who fight in this world and through art they create a connection with a higher energy. The hero of my life is my father, he was an artist. He taught me that my real world is inside me

What special morning routines do you personally follow e.g. breakfast, workout, meditation, whatever?

The first thing I think about when I woke up the morning is: damn I don’t believe that I have to get up already!!! Jokes aside, the first thing I do every day is to meditate. Then I start my day. Every day is different

What book(s) do you most frequently gift to other people?

I gift books only to people I know really well, and books related to their personality. The last book I bought for someone is [easyazon_link keywords=”The Little Prince” locale=”UK” tag=”idanceorg-21″]The Little Prince[/easyazon_link] 🙂 I love the metaphors, the signs, the hidden meaning. Not by chance, my favorite book is the Bible

What would you say is the most important thing you do that makes you successful?

I’m a positive person.  My soul is a warrior of the light and I have a great inner strength. In everything I do I put all of myself.

What is your proudest moment?

I feel proud of myself when I can touch the soul of the people through dance and words. When I teach, when I create choreographies, when I organize shows… When I judge!

Be part of the judge panel of the world hip hop dance championship is one of the most emotional moment of my life, I love my job and I’m always available to talk with people and give them strength.

What is something that people don’t know about you that would surprise them?

Fly MegI love the esoteric and ancient traditions, symbolism and archetypes. I read many books about these topics and I have tattooed on my skin some of them. I’m also a superheroes and rock music addicted, but who know me already knows that!

Rock? But you’re the Hip Hop and Commercial Girl?

Rock music? I just love it 🙂 I like to listen rock music when I drive. My love is [easyazon_link keywords=”Freddie Mercury” locale=”UK” tag=”idanceorg-21″]Freddie Mercury[/easyazon_link]. His power is unique.

If you were a superhero who would you be?

If I were a superhero I could be Batman. To overcome his fear, he becomes his fear, a Batman!!! This thing is a great teaching.

Who do you most want to collaborate with and why?

I love challenges and I feel a world citizen; my life could be everywhere. I’d like to create something awesome with someone who has my same passion, vision, soul. I’d love to share a big dance project with someone like me and give a lot to the dancers that will be part of it.

What is the lowest point you ever fell to as a choreographer/dancer or person and how did you overcome?

The darkest period of my life is when my father passed away, 11 years ago. He was my everything.

Life is unpredictable, life gave me and took away, and when everything seemed to fall on me, there is always someone ready to help me: my innerself.

Dance has helped me a lot. After a very difficult period I left and I went to Los Angeles alone for 3 months and I found myself through hip hop, a new city and new friends. Addressing that period alone gave me a lot of strength.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.

I want to get to know new countries, make contact with new cultures, enrich myself.

If anyone wanted to contact you what is the best way?

Social networks have replaced everything! My favorite is still Facebook.

Any projects that you are working on now that you can share?

I’m realizing my first events as Art Director. One is dedicated to the dance studios called Best School, the other one is an elite competition, where there will be only the best hip hop crews of the country and it’s called Hip Hop Awards. The location will be Argentario (Tuscany – Italy) This is the website:

My goal is to create something awesome that would become one day be recognised as unique in the industry. I always have big ambitions!

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