To earn more money be a total *&)H^@*?

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Nice Guy’s Get Screwed

Recently I have been hemming and hawing about some of the discussions going on on Facebook. Over my career, I have been pretty blunt at times prompting people to say “Omar Paloma is The Simon Cowell of Hip Hop.”

A recent study by suggests that “Nice guys are getting the shaft,”  (Beth A. Livingston, co-author of “Do Nice Guy’s”and Gals”Really Finish Last?” )

The study shows that those ‘b@sT £rds’ get paid up to 18% more than nice guys….. The whole article, which appears in the Wall Street Journal can be found here, but what I want to know is if this true for the theatre and dance professions and, ‘moreover’ is it a lasting difference.

My instinct is that some people are a bit like a fire; they burn hot and create a lot of energy but die when there is nothing else to consume. Moreover, many of these people find their end with the people closest to them. The people closest to these ‘loudmouths’ stick by more out of  fear than loyalty or love.


But that is not the same as honest feedback. I have mixed feelings about some of the things I heard online, but on the other hand, I think people should hear the truth. Again this not the same destroying people, but in giving honest feedback to help people grow.

But the findings of this article suggest that being an all out jerk is the best path to a good paycheck.

What are your thoughts?

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