Go-C: Boadicea Dance Company presents…

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Boadicea are back with a new show; A journey through different experience's of life.


Resilience brought to you from Boadicea Dance Company looks at the real issues that have altered the natural vulnerability of the heart. The show contains issues that are personal stories and experiences that the ladies have walked through and come out of the other side. These heart moving and maybe hard to believe issues are more than likely moments that most women and/or young girls have tackled.

'These are the things that have happened to me that no one knows, or that others deny' 

says Rhimes Lecointe the company's creative director and choreographer. These are hard to handle experiences most of us have come in to contact with, but this is not about anger, neither is it about having a voice to rant. We have social media for that. This is about creativity, therapy for more traumatic cases but most importantly for the audience to develop and leave with Hope. Boadicea Company are hope carriers, to have walked some of the journeys being shared and still stand is a testament of the power of unity and vulnerability to stand resilient.

Boadicea has been a company of great and un-explainable diversity. Never fitting one brand therefore not quite labeled the way the world would have it, its difficult to be something you’re not. So in the very nature of difference and uniqueness we stand resilient in who we are as a group of individuals, misfits, black sheep of versatile women with a vision to be open and vulnerable. 

Saturday 16th March 2019 7pm

The Broadway,
IG11 7LS