The World’s First International Choreographic Competition of Urban Theatrical Dance

9th June 2012 The Palace Theatre, Watford –

What is platformONE

platformONE is the world’s first international choreographic competition of Urban Theatrical Dance.

The World’s First International Choreographic Competition of Urban Theatrical Dance

idance originally created platformONE in 2008. The core concept of this event is not a typical showcase but “a competition of ideas” where the vision and creativity of the choreographer takes centre stage. This format uniquely provides a platform for urban dance choreographers to express their creativity and develop their choreographic skill with almost the complete absence of rules, requirements, or choreographic restriction.

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platformONE is the world’s first international choreographic competition of Urban Theatrical Dance which will take place in Watford, June 9th, 2012, at the Watford Palace Theatre.


The dance world has many events that help the choreographic development of mainstream forms such as ballet and jazz. Street dance however, while hugely popular, leaves street dance artists without a voice to develop beyond the ‘music video’ stereotype. We created platformONE under Idance foundation, a non-profit social enterprise, with the goal of helping the local, and now global urban dance community develop street dance into a more dynamic art form.

Since 2008 platformONE has attracted some of the most talented dancers in the UK. Choreographers such as Muhktar Omar, currently working with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, two time World Hip Hop Dance champions Plague, SinCru, Smash Bro’z, R-Te Crew, Peridot of Britain’s Got Talent, Dance Nuvo, and others have also showcased at this event.


The excitement from the UK urban dance community has sparked interest in other countries, like Switzerland, Ireland, France and Russia leading us to make 2012 the first year as an international event. We have already taken the first steps in this direction by successfully hosting preliminaries for platformONE in Saint Petersburg, Russia (see below for photos). We anticipate adding more international preliminaries in the future.


In addition to the development of artists in the Hip Hop Theatre genre, we are excited about this event’s potential to encourage cultural exchange and understanding, as well as networking, and educational opportunity for the local dance, education and business communities.]










When and Where is platformONE

idance® is excited to announce tickets for platformONE 2012 at the

Watford Palace Theatre, Saturday June 9, 2012.

Curtain at 7:00pm. £12 in advance £10/concessions

or call the Box Office at 01923 225671


I am interested how do I enter?


There are two ways to enter:

1. Showcase Only: no entry fee however you will not be eligible for the Choreographic prize and seating is not guaranteed

2.Submission for the Choreographic Prize: ( £12/participant refundable if not selected) includes a guaranteed spectators ticket and eligibility for the choreographic prize.

For either method choreographers will need to complete the enclosed or attached application form and return this to idance®, no later than April 29, 2012 along with your entry fee if appropriate.

Please ensure that with your application form you include a description of your proposed piece. If the piece you would plan to perform has not yet been created, an outline of your plans is required alongside an example of work that your group has performed in the past.

Please note that we cannot accommodate dance pieces any longer than 4 minutes.


To apply to showcase your crew click (or copy and paste) the following link:

Please note that if you are chosen to perform your group will be expected to:

  • Be present for a technical rehearsal June 9th 2012 during the day. All dancers will be required for this.
  • Be available to perform Saturday June 9th 2012 at the Palace Theatre Watford
  • Provide their own transport to and from the theatre and to cover any attached costs.
  • Please note that there are no financial obligations for either party with regard to this performance.




More information about the event

platformONE started in 2008 in the UK as a unique event in which dancers and choreographers could explore their creativity in a showcase featuring urban and contemporary dance with a goal of helping dancers, specifically street dancer-choreographers find a place – a ‘platform’ – to explore choreographic ideas in a theatrical setting.

Since its inception, platformONE has hosted some of the top dance talent in the UK including Plague, Peridot, Sin Cru, Nemisis, Dance Nuvo, Smash Bro’z and more.

2012 marks a turning point and the formal addition of international participants. platformONE has evolved to include international choreographers and dancers and a generous choreographic prize of up to £1000.

We are currently inviting crews from all over the world including the USA, Sweden, Belgium, India, Italy, Greece, Spain and more!

Russia is the first to have created their own national qualifying event which was recently held St. Petersburg, Russia

Participating in platformONE will give choreographers a chance to showcase their creative vision in the world’s first International Choreographic Competition of urban theatrical dance. It is also a fantastic opportunity to network with other dancers and choreographers from around the world in this very exciting weekend.

This choreographic event, unlike other events, is purely about the choreographer’s creative and choreographic skill in making his or her vision come alive in this short format showcase event.


To purchase tickets

We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,


Omar Paloma

Founder of idance® and creator of platformONE, the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships and Director of Hip Hop International UK

Tel: 01923 606 255