Profile: A Moment with Dennis Anin-Badu of Element Dance UK

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idance® presents a moment with Dennis Anin-Badu the leader of Element Dance UK as part of our Nation’s Best Dance School Series, sponsored by MindLife. Free in Body, Free in Mind, Free In Life. The true measure of a school is the results they produce. The Nation’s Best Dance School Award is a new industry award for dance schools and choreographers in multiple genres of dance including

  • Street dance
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • and more

This award is not a popularity contest so there is no voting. It is an EARNED award where schools results are scored based on their success, the quality of the competition they face, and the number of dancers they make successful.

How long has Element Dance UK been an organisation?

Element Dance UK began independently when I returned from LA at then of 2013 and have only just began to grow as I have just recent Graduated from University

How many dancers do you work with?

Within the Element Dance UK I work with 17 dancers but I also teach for dance schools in Wales, Scotland and around the UK.

Dennis Anin-Badu567How many dance crews/companies do you run?

Currently I have two core dance crews, Element (Age 15-19) & Element Youth(12-16). I am holding auditions for two more teams in September. I am looking to get a Junior crew & another Varsity crew for 2017 HHI Championship.

What styles, other than streetdance, do you teach?

We do Jazz, Contemporary, Street Dance & Fitness work. I want my company dancers to be versatile which means we can create in various different ways and formats.

What inspires you, either personally or as a company?

I have seen the Shockarellas [success]  and the hours of training and hard work that goes in to it. It’s made me understand that sometimes we have to make certain choices that people won’t understand.


Who inspires you?

As a company we are inspired by Leroy Curwood, GRV, Hollywood, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Rob Rich and A LOT more. We have been to multiple workshops, camps, conventions and events where these lot have taught us more than just movement or choreography, we learnt how to find ourselves not just as dancers but as people and artists inside and outside of classes.

Who would you say are your heroes in or out of dance?EY Girls

For me it would have to Jamie & Sue Luke as they were the only people to be brutally honest with me in my progress in the last 3 years. Too many people were sugarcoating to see me fail but they [Sue and Jamie] were honest to see me push and succeed in what they believed I could do.

What special morning routines do you personally follow (breakfast, workout, meditation, whatever)

I have a different routine every morning, Physiotherapy Monday mornings is the only set morning. I am constantly working on some project from hosting events, to music, posters… So it just depends on what is needed to be done. The odd day I sleep in.

What book(s) do you most frequently gift to other people?

I don’t read books much. I love anime and America T series, which I do often get asked to recommend shows as I only watch them on my train journeys to workshops and classes that I’m teaching or attending

What would you say is the most important thing you do that makes you successful?

Discipline with all students I teach. Honest with everyone I’ve worked/working for. Some agree with my method, some don’t but I’ve got results and I will continue to work my students hard. I don’t sugarcoat to the parents as they believe in what I do so I give them the honest feedback for each child when they ask. I make sure my kids are focused on an end goal for the future as aspiring performers, teachers, choreographers and people.

What is your proudest moment in or out of dance?

Graduating from university, watching Element Youth becoming Varsity champions 2016 and Element opening T-Pain concert at O2 Arena. World champions might be next on the card

What is something that people don’t know about you that would surprise them?

I was born in Netherlands (Holland) moved to London at the age of 7 and then moved to Bolton at 15 and began dance at 16. I began teaching at 17. My first teaching job was at a high school which was only given to me because the original guest teacher didn’t show up so I was asked to take the slot for the week and thats what made me get into choreography.

Who do you most want to collaborate with and why?

Mecnun Gaiser. He is an unbelievable talent and so humble, he has given me so much advice over the last two years and I have learnt so much from him and his movement is so alien to me that I want to see how we can fuse our styles together.

What is the lowest point you ever fell to as a choreographer/dancer or person and how did you overcome?

We had so many controversial results at competitions, which made me stop taking my team to events and felt like I was losing my style of choreography. I was constantly comparing myself to other people.


What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I would love to open up a school in Bolton.
Travel and teach workshops all around the world.
Work on a Element Dance UK show.
Create more opportunities for dancers in the North.
Also maybe be 5 time defending champion HHI UK

Thank you Dennis, we know you will achieve!

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