The Laws of Attraction: 5 Marketing Tips to Attract and Retain Your Ideal Student

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The Laws of Attraction: 5 Marketing Tips to Attract and Retain Your Ideal Student cover

If you’re a dance studio owner

You’ve probably experienced the challenge and reward of attracting and retaining students. Having new students walk through your door is thrilling, but watching them stay and learn with your team is even more satisfying. To keep your studio growing, it’s essential to have a solid marketing strategy.

There are a lot of articles and tips written about how to market but how many of them actually work?

Here is a list of some err… unusual or bizarre marketing tips for dance studio owners you may have seen:

  1. Hire a skywriter to advertise your dance studio in the sky.
  2. Dress up in a giant mascot costume and dance around town handing out flyers.
  3. Host a dance party flash mob in a public space, such as a park or a shopping mall.
  4. Sponsor a local sports team and have the players dance in your studio’s promotional videos.
  5. Put a giant inflatable dancing man outside your studio to catch people’s attention.
  6. Print your studio’s name on a fleet of bicycles and ride them around town.
  7. Create a viral TikTok dance trend and use it to promote your studio.
  8. Hire a drone to fly over the city with a banner advertising your studio.
  9. Have your dance instructors dress up as superheroes and perform a flash mob in a crowded area.
  10. Create a dance-themed escape room and invite people to try it out for free, with the studio’s name prominently displayed throughout the experience.

One of my favorite business authors, Mike Michalowicz, author of the fantastic book The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field, reminds us that getting noticed is a huge step in attracting clients… But it might not be the first or most important step.

In this blog post

I’ll share five marketing strategies that have stood the test of time and will help you attract and retain your ideal student.

Law Number One: Know Your Ideal Student

The most effective marketing campaigns start with a deep understanding of your target audience.

Think about this. Imagine you are a dog owner of a male Shitsu dog and you see an ad that says:

Pet owners: Are you looking for great pet food for your pet. We are experts in the special needs of pets and have developed the perfect food for you.

Well, your dog is a pet so you might be interested but you might not be. Especially if you have other things on your mind.

But what is you saw this:

Male Shitsu Owners: Are you looking for great food for your dog? We are experts in the special needs that only male Shitsu’s have and have developed the perfect food for you.

WELL, it is a much higher chance that you might stop and read the ad, just because the headline matched your dog, right? You might not buy but you might keep the ad for later because it matches you and your pet. If you don’t have a Male Shitsu but know someone, it still may attract your attention, right?

That’s why you should be clear about who your ideal student is, what they want, and what they value. Once you have a clear picture of your ideal student, creating marketing materials that resonate with them will be much easier. You can use their preferred language, and highlight the benefits that matter most to them.

For example, if your ideal student values flexibility in class times, make sure to emphasize your studio’s flexible schedule in your marketing materials.

Law Number Two: Develop a Compelling Brand Story

Human beings connect with stories, so use this to your advantage in your marketing.

One great example of a compelling story is Samantha Camerota (Miss Sam) on youtube.

Miss Sam’s videos are always compelling whether doing a how-to video or a “day in the life look” at her studio or the typical struggles of trying to create choreography… in a bathroom closet – we’ve all been there – She presents a consistent story that resonates with an audience garnering over 35,000 subscribers.

“A brand is a Promise” I was told to me by Boz Temple-Morris of, and a brand story isn’t a “made-up image” of yourself. It’s a narrative example of who you are.

Develop a compelling story about your studio that sets you apart from your competitors. Highlight your unique teaching methodology, the history of your studio, or your standout instructors.

When you tell your story through marketing, you’ll attract students who connect with your story, and this will help build a sense of community in your studio.

Law Number Three: Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are powerful tools for attracting and retaining students.

While creating viral TikToks can be amazing, a quality consistent presence is better as NO ONE can promise virality.

Use social media to showcase your studio’s environment, instructors, and students. Share student success stories, and use video to give followers a glimpse into your classes.

With social media, you can also communicate with your followers and build a sense of community, answering questions about classes, events, or anything else related to your studio. By the way, we are putting together a training of what we did to create a successful TikTok presence with some videos having nearly 250,000 views. If you are interested in how we did it, click here.

Number Four: Get Involved in the Community

A studio that’s involved in the community is more likely to attract and retain students. Partner with other businesses or organizations in your area or invite local influencers to your studio. Offer classes for a cause or host a dance party at a local event. By getting involved, you are in the minds of potential students, and they are more likely to think of you when it’s time to choose their dance studio.

Local events have always been a cornerstone of my marketing strategy.

Number Five: Host Events and Workshops

Events and workshops are a fantastic way to attract and retain students. Free trial classes work but also consider a low-priced bundle. The more people participate the more likely they are to continue. Host workshops for beginners or advanced students, and promote them through social media and other marketing channels. Offering events and workshops can create a sense of excitement around your studio and can draw new students who want to experience your unique approach.

My studio growth exploded after hosting high-profile master classes and starting my dance company, Culture Shock Dance Troupe – UK.


Marketing strategies are essential for any business, and that includes your dance studio. By knowing your ideal student, developing a compelling brand story, leveraging social media, getting involved in the community, and hosting events and workshops, you can attract new students and keep them retained in your studio. Remember, consistency is key in your marketing strategy, so don’t give up too soon if you don’t see results right away. Stick with it, and you’ll start seeing new faces at your studio in no time.

One more thing:

Do these sound generic to you? Have you tried them and not found success but suspect there must be something missing? Why not schedule a 1:1 with us. We can consult for an hour and, perhaps, help you find the missing link. There is no obligation. Just click here to schedule.