The No BS Guide to Developing Your Dance Troupe to succeed at Dance Competitions

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If you’re a dance studio owner, you know that competitions can be a great way to challenge your dancers and help them grow. But how do you prepare newcomers to compete? Here are some tips to get your dancers ready for competition season.


The benefits of entering challenging dance events

It’s easy to think of a dance competition as simply another pressure-filled event, but that’s doing it a disservice. It can be an incredible experience and there are many benefits for those who take the plunge. For example, challenging yourself to take part in difficult events can help you expand your repertoire; you’ll have to learn new skills and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You might even surprise yourself at how much you enjoy the experience! Every dancer will face their own set of challenges, but the reward of achieving great performance results is worth it. Most importantly, taking part in any kind of dance competition is a thrilling endeavour which instils pride in even the most modest dancers amongst us. Think about it – your passion will have helped make something amazing happen!


How to find the right event for you

With the vast array of events available these days, it can be tricky to know just where to start when looking for something to do. Yet with a little bit of research and some thoughtful consideration, you can find an event that’s perfect for you. It’s important to ask yourself what kind of atmosphere or vibe you want – will you want something fast-paced or relaxed? Once that’s established, use online platforms like review websites, social media pages and blog posts as sources to get a better idea of which events are worth attending. Finally, don’t forget to check out the reviews left by other attendees. Seeing what they made of the night before committing yourself is key in helping to make sure your own experience will be one to remember!

idance®/HHI  is a great choice if it fits your preference; The organization hosts Hip Hop International events, streetdance comps and Urban Contemporary Dance events of multiple scales that enable those with an interest in street and contemporary dance to cut loose, show off their moves and have fun! idance® doesn’t just offer events here in the UK, they also run events internationally too – what better experience to step out of your comfort zone and make some new acquaintances?


Tips for preparing for your event

Organising an event can be a daunting process, but if you take the time to plan and prepare well, it can also be rewarding. First of all, make sure you’re familiar with the rules and regulations that you need to follow, as this is essential to keeping your event running smoothly. Then turn your attention to your own performance: if you have any rules that you want participants to follow then make sure they are communicated clearly, and consider which rules will best help them succeed. Additionally, research what the judges want and look for ways for your unique style to stand out—perhaps by using contrasting elements or creating something unexpected—which is likely to help raise the quality of your performance. Finally, ensure that there are ample rehearsals leading up to the day: repetition breeds consistency and familiarity with rules improves reaction times. Following these tips will put you in a great position for success!


Tips for competing when the dance competition is challenging

If you’re feeling particularly daunted by the tough competition ahead of you, focus on what you can bring to it rather than the other way around. Remember that it’s not about outdoing your rivals, but showcasing all of your hard work and what you have to offer. Have fun with your performance and be inspired by the others besting their own limits. Support each other on stage too – there’s no greater champion than a fellow rhythmic warrior who is keenly aware of your efforts! Surprises will come if you focus on finding joy in dancing among so many incredible peers and competitors.


How to make the most of your experience at a challenging dance event

Making the most of a challenging dance event is all about taking advantage of the network available to you throughout the event. If everyone around you is learning and pushing themselves further, it should be a great opportunity for you to learn from them and more. Be sure to take effort to attend workshops especially set up to help dancers improve, as well as master classes in whatever style or level catching your interest! Attending both will show great diligence and put you in good stead for your future performance endeavors. Enjoy, network away and make those memories!

Next Steps

Being a good competitor means different things to different people. For some, it’s about winning at all costs. For others, it’s about encouraging the kids’ growth and continually striving to improve while giving them every opportunity to succeed.

If your main ambition is the latter, then we think you’re amazing! And we’d love to chat with you about how we can help you on your journey. There will be no hard selling from us – just an open discussion about how you might like to proceed.