Between stimulus and response…


This is not my story. This is the Story of UK Dancer Bly Richards. I found it inspirational and share it here, with permission and unedited (except formatting).

I’m sharing it as a challenge to you  because it begs the question, When opportunity is in front of you, do you respond with fear (staying with what you already know and feel is safe) or do you respond with bravery out of passion for your life? The choice is yours. It’s your life.


One of the best experiences of my life that changed everything completely – by Bly Richards


Whilst at University studying Film and teaching dance as a hobby one of my friends wanted me to go to London with him as support whilst entering a reality dance competition (Keon Hill). Whilst there I decided to enter also.

After getting through to boot camp, which meant living in London on the show for a few weeks, I had to make a decision of doing the show and not being able to complete my uni course, or stay at uni doing film.

It was a very crazy unexpected turn of events, I stayed and ended up winning after being in the final with Carmelle Rudder. My family was there to watch and share this once in a life time experience with me ?.

Those that know me know I show little emotion lol but in this moment I was over joyed. Not having trained or even danced for that long.
I then moved to London being a dancer for Rachel Stevens, then for Kano, dancing on CDUK etc meeting new people and starting a new life.

I often wonder how my life would be if I chose uni ? but only as a thought because I am very happy with my decision that put me in contact with all of you, let me perform with amazing artists and travel the world, along with teaching spreading the little wisdom I have to others (can’t even imagine how many people I have actually taught).

Here I am 10 years on, WOW still feeling blessed ??

It’s time to create a new chapter in my life now equally as amazing I hope ?
Just wanted to share that so thanks for reading ?.‪#‎TroubleTV‬

Dr. Stephen Covey in his book, [type=amzon]The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People[/type], offers this quote from


Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.

This story is a stimulus. Our event, The Britsh and Scotland Hip Hop Dance Championships, are a Stimuli… What is your response? Wait. Think. Choose your response… choose wisely!


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