This story made me want to cry

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Why I ask people who their heroes are. 

Watching Foreman throw punch after punch at Ali was just painful to watch. So many times I thought Ali was going to fall out of the ring. How can someone lean that far back and not fall? It was impossible.

The commentators were puzzled. The spectators were puzzled. Ali seemed to be fighting like a coward. Falling on the rope, running away, holding, stealing a few sneaky punches here and there. It was just bizarre. I mean, in round 7 Ali walks out and basically sits on the rope with his gloves up doing NOTHING.

…and the whole time he seemed to be talking and talking and talking.

Then suddenly, halfway through the 7th Foreman starts leaning in with his head, practically falling over. His punches are still hard and fast but after each one he can barely stand up.

At the beginning of round 8 Foreman almost falls out of the ring. What the heck was going ON?

Then it became clear. Foreman was exhausted his punches almost became comical and Ali just kept jabbing the head, disorienting, hurting and infuriating Foreman who just got wild. Then, it was over a couple of hard fast punches by Ali and Foreman was down and it was over. Ali had won. Ali proved that not only was he a showman, he was a master strategist. 

I was a kid in New York when I heard this guy’s name. Mohammad Ali. It just ‘sounded magical’ and the Rumble in the Jungle it was just an unreal feeling. Watching him dance, joke, and entertain. it just killed me. Only Sugar Ray Leonard, years later, came close to the shear in the ring genius of Ali.

Muhammad Ali Circa 2000

When Ali appeared as the final torch bearer in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, his body shaking from Parkinson’s Disease, turning bending and finally lighting the Olympic flame… it was difficult not to cry, not because of any sadness about his condition but the greatness of his character. Still fighting and still a champion.

But Ali’s magic was not about how we felt about him, but how he made us feel about us. He made us feel important. He made us feel

He made us feel important.

The interview below, with Tim Ferris and Cal Fussman made me want to cry. Ali was a hero in so many ways.

We all are heroes to someone. Remember, idance® and  UK Hip Hop Dance Championships are all about discovering and honouring the next generation of heroes. Whether you walk away with a medal or not, someone is watching you. Someone wants to be like you. Someone wants to be you. 

Never forget that.

The Tim Ferriss Show: #183: Cal Fussman: The Master Storyteller Returns