What do your posts on Facebook say about you?

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I read this post from Buddhist Bootcamp.

Are they uplifting, Motivational, Optimistic, Encouraging and Cheerful? It’s time to reflect on whether you contribute to the positivity in the world or the negativity in the world, and maybe change direction…

Go ahead, scroll through some of the stuff you’ve posted online recently… Don’t simply visit inspirational pages… make your own life inspiring to others! Consider this your invitation. Are you coming?

One of the most challenging things about dance and dancers is the professional lifespan. If you view the careers of dancers in comparison to athletes, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found that they were parallel. According to Tala Hadavi the average professional athletes career is over by 33.

In dance we like to see our selves as positive and uplifting. Are you? Take some time and look through your posts and the types of things you say and to whom you’ve said them. Then compare that to the way you view yourself.

With such a short career it is both understandable and sad that dancers feel the need to do everything possible to raise their heads above others. The question is, what will you do after age 33 with a sea of negativity behind you.

Something to think about.

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